Property Management

Property Management

Professional Vacation Rental Management in British Columbia

We understand renting your vacation property is a big decision and you may find yourself trying to decide whether to manage the process yourself or use a property rental management service. With True Key Vacations, we work with you to eliminate the time-consuming aspects of managing your own vacation rental. Owners can trust that we’re taking care of all the details, and that their property is being well-marketed and well-respected throughout the rental process.

Our hassle-free model ensures owners wishing to rent their property out on a short-term basis enjoy industry leading returns and peace of mind. This is achieved by having a local team of service professionals who care for their property, communicate openly and solve any potential issues associated with being an absentee vacation home owner.

Our Services

True Key Vacations manages the end-to-end rental process on your behalf – you will know that it’s being done right by being well-promoted, well taken care of, providing enjoyment to others and generating revenue all at the same time.

Our team operates a reservations department, local check-in service, fully-equipped maintenance department, housekeeping department and a team of guest service agents eager to assist owners and guests alike. Whether it’s a burnt-out light, an after-hours noise complaint or assistance with arranging flowers for a special occasion, the True Key Vacations team is there to help.

Other services include:

  • Rate Management: Our professional revenue management services offer active rate yielding based on supply and demand in the market both locally and regionally.
  • Marketing Expertise: True Key Vacations will ensure that your vacation rental gets maximum exposure by marketing on a variety of platforms, including our own website and the top 3rd party vacation rental sites.
  • Trust & Transparency: Professional accounting, judicious financial planning, and finely tuned investment savvy are combined with clear communication, regular reporting, and on-time distribution of owner revenue to protect property values and ensure owner confidence and satisfaction.
  • Inquiries & Reservations: Our staff are prepared for every inquiry, ensuring guests are well looked after and matched with the vacation rental best fit for them.
  • Detailed Listings: We highlight all the features of your vacation rental with a detailed writeup and professional photography to capture the essence of your property.
  • Guest Support: We provide a 24/7 emergency support line to our guests while they are on vacation. If any unlikely scenario occurs, our team is on top of it right away.
  • Cleaning & Post-Inspections: Our team will ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and make sure everything is in perfect condition for you and your next guest.

Sales and Marketing Services

Our Marketing plan for your property is priority number one. Our ideas include proven fundamental and creative strategies that help us place your property centre stage in the vacation rental market.

  • Website with best in class booking engine and e-commerce solutions
  • Up to date property listing information and availability calendar
  • Email database development and marketing
  • Extensive use of Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels
  • Listings with local chambers and Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Google AdWords and social media ad campaigns
  • Listing management on top 3rd party sites including AirBnb, VRBO, Expedia and


  • How does it work? We manage the entire rental process from start to finish on a 70/30 revenue split (70% to the owner / 30% to True Key Vacations). It begins with our team matching guests to your vacation rental and corresponding to any inquiries. We take care of all payments, directions, additional information and even provide a 24/7 emergency line for guests.


  • How often can I use my vacation property? Our team will provide you with an Owner Portal for you to reserve the dates that you wish to use your vacation property. Once you have selected all the dates that you are intending to use, we go to work to rent out the rest. The more weeks you make available during peak periods, the more profitable rentals you will receive.
  • What do I need to provide? In order to have satisfied vacationers and management services, your property will need to be equipped with enough cooking utensils, glassware, dishes and cutlery to provide for the maximum capacity of your vacation rental. In addition to this you will need basic appliances such as; kettle/coffeemaker, toaster, microwave and any other useful appliances that you can make available. All properties are required to have functioning internet, at least one television and washer/dryer. All beds require 2 sets of linen, mattress covers, pillows, comforters and extra blankets for the odd cold spell. True Key Vacations also requires adequate safety supplies to be accessible within the rental, and clearly marked. These include fire extinguishers, functioning fire alarms, first aid kit and flashlights for potential power outages. Optional inclusions which may make your property more coveted are; water toys (canoes/kayaks/floaties), bicycles, games/puzzles, additional televisions and streaming app capabilities, pool tables, foosball, ping pong, volleyball equipment, etc. These items will help ensure your property is rented more frequently and attracts loyal guests who return again and again.


Your first step towards renting your vacation property is to contact us to receive a comprehensive rental management overview and review our rental management agreement.

We will also set up a time for us to meet with you and see your property. During this visit we will tour your property, discuss your expectations and answer your questions.

Once the rental management agreement is in place, we will schedule a complete photo shoot of the interior and exterior of your vacation property and an inventory of all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment. We will then develop your listing using first-in-class technologies and software to ensure your property is being exposed on all leading revenue channels.

We look forward to working with you! 

Property Management Services